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Happy Spring. I think it's a nice coincidence that I am in pre-production on a set of tunes while the flowers are blooming and the earth is thawing out (in North America at least). It's an exciting stage, pre-production. Not only do you really get to start hearing your songs come to life, you begin to mentally prepare for sharing them with the world. 

Today, these songs are just starting to spring up from the ground, and while some will ultimately blossom out into the world, others will stay in the ground and "get happy", as my aunt likes to say. A song will let you know when it's ready. In fact, one of the songs I am working on right now, is one I wrote years ago that did not make the cut on my last project. It just wasn't the right time. I look forward to seeing what happens this time around. 

I'm meeting and collaborating with new faces, and for those who've been with me a while know how much I enjoy the collaboration process. Thank you for being one of those people. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 





Change. What a beautiful, complex part of nature. I love it.

Over this past year and a half I’ve been rather quiet on the music front. Externally speaking, because behind the scenes, things have been anything but quiet. Simply, I’ve been living a life to write about. As things continue to develop, I will keep you posted here. There will be some big changes coming through soon.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and most of all, for your continuous support.





It's been a while, NYC! How 'bout we catch up over song on June 3rd at Rockwood Music Hall? Check the Tour section for more details. x



I’m so excited to share that “Backfire”, featuring Larry Gold on strings, will be airing on Bravo’s “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” Tuesday, 2/17 at 10p/9c!  To hear this song before it airs, just click here.  If you like what you hear… I’d be grateful for your support by going to your favorite digital download hub and adding it to your cart!  #fullyindependent



Happy December to you!

I am extremely grateful to say that my first ever original holiday song, “Hold Up Holidays”, made Amazon Music’s “All Is Bright” holiday compilation alongside Lucinda Williams, Brandi Carlile, and Yoko Ono & The Flaming Lips!  I wrote this song with my dear friends Lance Davis and Tim Shelton (Philly-ites), and I warn you… a jolly attitude and sense of humor is required.

Check it out here!



Hey! My cover of Annie Lennox’s “Why” has premiered on Ground Sounds today - check it out here!  Produced by Philadelphia based Lance Davis, this song was recorded solely for a Pledge Music Pledger with no intention of being released to the public.  Sometimes songs just get nudged into the musical sphere. Check it out NOW!